Do you have a desire to reach the next generation and help girls understand their true value and worth?  Are you looking for interactive tools and effective methods that will open the eyes and hearts of girls of all ages? Do you desire to make connections and create rich dialogue that can help build girls self-esteem and self-confidence? Well, look no further, The Priceless Project offers all that and more…

This project is ideal for small groups, after school clubs, church ministries, Girl Scout troops and youth programs. Designed for middle and high school students, this compilation of resources is designed to guide girls on a personal journey of self-discovery while being led by equipped leaders who care.

Not sure if The Priceless Project is right for you? Take a look at the most frequently asked questions.

The Priceless Project includes:

  • PRICELESS: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Uncovering the Beauty, Boldness & Brilliance Within.
  • PRICELESS Participant’s Guide – A 40-page Participant Workbook.
  • PRICELESS Leader’s Guide – Curriculum which comes complete with over 50 interactive activities, lessons, course tools, discussion questions and a Facilitator Certification Course.
  • PRICELESS PROJECT Leader's Portal – Private online access and additional tools for Leaders/Facilitators.
  • PRICELESS Participant's PortalPrivate online all access pass for Priceless Project participants providing additional resources, tips, encouragement and support to youth members.
  • PRICELESS Products – Exclusive discounts for Priceless merchandise including shirts, sweats, totes, personal gifts and more.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Aboard

    • Important Letter to Leaders

  • 2

    UNIT 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

    • What Is the Priceless Project

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 1

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 2

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 3

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 4

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 5

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 6

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 7

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 8

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 9

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 10

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 11

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 12

    • Priceless Project - FAQ 13

    • Priceless Project - Knowledge Check

  • 3

    UNIT 2 - Called for the Cause

    • Called for the Cause

  • 4

    UNIT 3 - The Unique Needs of the 21st Century Girl

    • The 21st Century Girl

    • Did You Know...

    • 40 Developmental Assets

  • 5

    Unit 4 - Gaining a Priceless Perspective

    • Priceless Perspective

    • Priceless Perspective

    • Priceless Personal Pre-Assessment

    • Priceless Pre-Assessment (downloadable)

  • 6

    UNIT 5 - Creating a Priceless Experience

    • Creating a Priceless Experience

    • Creating a Priceless Experience

  • 7

    UNIT 6 - Unpacking the Priceless Project

    • Unpacking the Priceless Project

    • Unpacking The Priceless Project

  • 8

    UNIT 7 - Module Overview

    • Module Overview

    • Module Overview

  • 9

    UNIT 8 - Your Role As a Leader

    • Your Role as a leader

    • Your Role as a Leader

    • Leader's Skill Building Scenarios

  • 10

    UNIT 9 - Building Your Dream Team

    • Building Your Dream Team

    • Building Your Dream Team

    • Dream Team Reflection Question

  • 11

    UNIT 10 - Marketing & Promotions

    • Marketing & Promotion

    • Marketing & Promotion Resources

  • 12

    Final Steps

    • The final step

    • Leader's Check List

    • Priceless Project - Final Knowledge Check

    • Product Order Form

About the Instructor

The Confidence Coach

Dr. Nicole Steele

Visionary, trainer, facilitator, speaker, writer, youth advocate, and certified life-coach, Dr. Nicole Steele is the founder and Executive Director of Diamond In The Rough Youth Development Program, Inc., an award-winning, faith-based, non-profit mentoring and leadership program which has served nearly 5,000 youth and families since its inception in 2004. She is also the President of Gem Makers, LLC, which provides program development, consulting, workshops and resources to women, parents and professionals. In addition, Steele is the Executive Producer and Host of A Priceless Perspective radio, and the published author of two books.

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